Universal Electronic Road Speed Limiter

Control your speed, Control your costs.

Installation of the Sturdy UERSL ensures maximum savings with configurable settings on top speed, revs and rate of acceleration. Drivers of your vehicles become economical, maintenance conscious, fuel efficient and safe. Protect your corporate image with the Sturdy UERSL.


Universal Vehicle Fit

The UERSL will connect to almost any vehicle to provide cost reducing, safety enhancing benefits. Future proofed by secure PC based configuration with firmware update capability.

Adaptive, Dynamic Vehicle Speed Control

The UERSL continuously monitors performance and actively adjusts to road conditions and vehicle weight. Accurate and smooth control with top speed selectable at 1mph increments.

Variable Engine Speed Control

The UERSL allows configuration of several variable rev limits to force fuel efficient gear change.

Acceleration Control

The UERSL can be programmed to limit acceleration and reduce costly aggressive driving. The PC configurable acceleration levels balance vehicle performance while maximising savings.

Tamper Resistant

The UERSL features an optional reduction in throttle (limp home mode) in the event of tampering.

Environmentally Friendly

The UERSL maintains consistent reduced speed and acceleration whilst driving. This can significantly reduce the emission of pollutants.

Road Safety/Duty of Care

The UERSL top speed limiting aids in meeting road safety and DOC requirements. The added acceleration control has a positive impact on inappropriate speed and improving driving standards of your employees.

Fast Return on Investment

The UERSL can help achieve significant fuel, maintenance and environmental benefits. Speedy installation and competitive pricing mean the installation of UERSL will pay for itself quickly.

Blue Light Ready

The UERSL benefits blue light organisations under nonemergency conditions and will immediately deactivate when the blue lights are switched on. This feature is installed and running today in many UK emergency vehicles.

Sturdy UERSL - The ultimate on-board fleet manager

The Sturdy Advantage

40 years experience in speed control with over 800,000 installs worldwide

Fast flexible nationwide fitment available

Exemplary product support

Manufactured in the USA to: TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2008

Customer focused approach

3 year limited warranty


Dimensional Data

Size - 134.4mm L x 130.3mm W x 42.3mm H
(5.29" L x 5.13" W x 1.67" H)

Weight - 272.16 grams / 9.6 ounces

Construction - glass-filled nylon

Electrical Input

12 or 24 Volt DC

Polarity and over voltage protection

Power - 50mW (standby, typical), 8W (operating, typical)

Speed signal via data bus or analogue input

Compliance Standards

Meets both UN and EU standards Approved under United Nations Vehicle regulations UN 10 with regard to electromagnetic compatibility UN 89 with regard to speed limitation devices.
Approved for compliance from the European Economic Commission (ECE) under EU certification E11 10R-04856

Environmental Capacity

Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

IP 67 rating